Washable mask Crime Scene

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Washable mask Crime Scene

With this washable and reusable preventive mask treated waterproof and antibacterial design crime scene, do not cross !

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10 - 19 masks25%3.750.19
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Reusable washable mask 2 layers

Outer layer material: 100% Polyester 110grs, with waterproof RUCOSTAR® EEE6 and antibacterial RUCO®-BAC AGP coating

Inner layer material: 100% polyester 140grs breathable sport polyester

Decoration : Sublimation full color 1 face / back white

Color of the rubber bands black or white

Non-sterile product, must be washed before use.

Maximum time you can wear the mask before washing: 4 Hours

Maximum mask wash: 20 washes

Recommended washing temperature: 60°

These masks are manufactured in Europe with the following certifications and materials:

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification

International control and certification system on harmful substances in textiles.

Limit values must be respected for harmful substances such as formaldehydes, heavy metals, pesticides, chlorinated phenols, phthalates, organic tin compounds and other chemical residues.

They are defined for the following product classes: baby articles, articles in direct contact with the skin, articles not in contact with the skin, decorative material, etc.
Carcinogenic or allergenic dyes are prohibited.
Biologically active products are prohibited.

BLUESIGN guarantees the highest degree of assurance to consumers and ensures that products have been manufactured using resources responsibly and with the least possible impact on people and the environment.

Each textile product is the result of a complete manufacturing process. This requires raw materials and many other components, such as dyes or auxiliary chemicals. Components that are evaluated and produced in a sustainable manner are designated as bluesign® APPROVED. Thus, step by step, there is no missing link in sustainable materials and work steps – from raw material to finished product.

RUCO®-BAC AGP antibacterial treatment:

Hygienic coating for all types of fibers, highly resistant to washing, particularly suitable for textiles worn close to the skin. Bactericidal and slightly fungicidal properties Resistant to yellowing Resistant to higher drying temperatures Very resistant to washing and dry cleaning Included in the Oeko-Tex list (www.oeko-tex.com) Bluesign approved (www.bluesign.com), member of the SGS Group

Waterproof treatment RUCOSTAR® EEE6

Ecologically optimized water, oil and dirt repellent coating of cellulosic fiber fabrics or their blends with synthetic fibers Provides excellent resistance to washing and dry cleaning Free of flammable solvents

This article is not designed or sold as a medical device standard EN 14683 or personal protective equipment standard EN 149:2001, it offers preventive hygiene but does not protect against infectious agents.